Let’s face it, the external appearance of a vehicle is a reflection on a driver’s abilities. Uber Riders are more likely to trust a vehicle in an immaculate condition than one that has suffered damage – even where the damage is minor. As an Uber Driver, maintaining the appearance of your vehicle is as important as maintaining your vehicles engine and your reputation. So how can you as a Driver repair your vehicle as quickly as possible so that you can keep your Uber on the road, while also keeping your overall costs low?

Robert Whitecross, Senior Insurance Manager at Sanlam Short Term Insurance, suggests that filing an insurance claim for minor damage is not the answer. According to Whitecross, “having to file an insurance claim for minor repairs can drive up your excess as well as your insurance premium. You lose your no claim bonus which automatically puts you into a higher risk premium category. This is particularly the case for commercial vehicles who already pay higher premiums for business cover. It also takes time to obtain quotes and find an approved repairer.”

Uber Joburg has partnered with Go Dent to find a solution. Go Dent is offering all Uber Joburg Drivers preferential rates and turnaround times on your minor car repairs. Scuffs, scratches and dents can be repaired within 24 hours for less than the cost of your excess. Uber drivers are also offered the option of repairing their vehicles immediately with payment only due at the end of the month. This means less downtime, keeping your car on the road making money, not sitting for days in a panel beater queue waiting for assessor approval before repairs can commence. Less time at the repairer means more income for you, the Driver.