Instant Estimate Online

Get a quick quote online right now. All online quotes are verified by photographs, or personal inspections before sending a quote. Book an inspection online and our estimators can come out to you within 24 hours to verify the damage and provide you with a full quotation.

Visit our Speed Shop

If you prefer the traditional way of doing things, visit our Speed Shop where our Customer Consultants will record the damage and provide you with a quote immediately.

Accept your quote online

At Go Dent we provide options to make your life easier. Every quotation is sent with a link to accept it online.



Vehicle Collection and Delivery

Can’t get off work? No problem. Our fully insured Go Team will visit you anywhere in Gauteng to collect your car and deliver a loan car for you to use while your car is at our Speed Shop.

Uber Drop Off and Pick Up

There’s no need to find your own ride back to the office or home. Let the Go Team call you an Uber after you’ve dropped off your car. It’s free and we’re also able to arrange for you to be collected once the repair is done.

Loan Car Rental

We’re able to swap your car for a loan car upon book-in. Let us know when you would like to book in your car and our Go Team will schedule you in.


Bring in your vehicle or let us come to you

We perform mobile paintless dent removal and polishing. More severe damage is repaired in our quality Speed Shop facility. Our Customer Consultants will advise you on your options as soon as we receive your request.

We repair your car in record time

Through technology and innovation we monitor our workflow with the goal of constantly reducing the time a vehicle spends on our floor or is serviced at a client’s premises. Strict time and quality output standards apply to all of our staff, contractors and franchisees.

Pay only when you’re satisfied and receive a lifetime warranty

Our trained and graded PDR technicians and repair shops are guaranteed to provide you with the quality service you expect. You receive a written three year warranty on repair work, a lifetime warranty on paintwork, and you only pay once you’re happy with the quality of your repairs.


“I am very satisfied with the service that I’ve had with this company.”

Sfiso Radebe

“Happy with the service standard of the Go Dent especially the communication part.”

Justice Mbatha

“The quality is excellent and the continuous updates and calls make all the difference.”

Michael Talbot

Our quality levels

PDR Technician Training & Management
Go Dent in association with KHS International has developed the Go Dent Academy with the purpose of training and evaluating technicians. All PDR technicians are evaluated and graded according to their skill level and service rating, and incentivised to improve their grading.

Body Shop Training & Management
Go Dent has partnered with Fantam Auto Body for the provision of panel beating, spray painting and other non-structural repair services. This has allowed us to recruit qualified staff with sufficient experience to carry out non-structural repairs while continuously improving their skills through exposure to more severe, structural damage, at the Fantam Auto Body shop. Workshop staff are graded upon completion of each job based on their speed and skill.

Subjective Feedback Based Assessments
All customers are asked to provide feedback based on the repair and service received. Efficient capturing of this data though technology allows us to analyse the quality of the repair in person or remotely and to take the necessary steps to ensure consistent quality and customer satisfaction. This data is used for training purposes, grading purposes, and further system development.

Quality Based Workflow Strategy
Go Dent is committed to building a workflow system from the ground up. Initially every job was painstakingly monitored manually and information regarding the repair captured into a database. This data has allowed us to develop as custom system for monitoring workflow with the goal of constantly reducing the time a vehicle spends on our floor. Strict time and quality output standards apply to all of our staff, contractors, and employees.

Quality Guarantee & Liability Insurance
Although it is has become an industry standard, we offer a written lifetime guarantee on the paintwork and three year warrantee on the repair. Our innovation lies in honouring our warranties and providing personal customer-first service. We are also fully insured in the event of any unforeseen damage at our premises, while working at our client’s premises, or during transportation of a vehicle.



  • On-site & Online Quotations
  • Online & Telephone Bookings
  • 24h Turnaround on Minor Repairs*
  • Uber Pick-up and Drop-Off Services


  • Strict Industry Compliance Standards
  • Major Industry Regulator Accredited
  • Three year warrantee on repair work
  • Lifetime warrantee on paintwork


  • Loan Cars Available
  • Upfront Pricing Structure
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Mobile Card Facilities

Convenient repairs in safe, well equipped facilities.

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